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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2019Roads to prosperity without environmental poverty: The role of impatienceDioikitopoulos, EV; Ghosh, S; Karydas, C; Vella, E
12-Oct-2019Do victims of crime trust less but participate more in social organizations?Pazzona, M
2019Are World Leaders Loss Averse?Gould, M; Rablen, MD
2014Strategic private experimentationFelgenhauer, M; Schulte, E
25-Aug-2017Bayesian Persuasion with Private ExperimentationFelgenhauer, M; Loerke, P
20-Feb-2018Endogenous Persuasion with Costly VerificationFelgenhauer, M
6-Oct-2016Preselection and expert adviceSchulte, E; Felgenhauer, M
2014Testing for unit roots in bounded time seriesCavaliere, G; Xu, F
Jan-2019The bank capital-competition-risk nexus; a global perspectiveDavis, EP; Karim, D; noel, D
18-Jul-2018On the solution of the variational optimisation in the rational inattention frameworkHashimzade, N
30-Mar-2020The effect of macroprudential policy on banks' profitabilityDavis, EP; Karim, D; Noel, D
6-Feb-2015Macroeconomic information, structural change, and the prediction of fiscal aggregatesCarriero, A; Mumtaz, H; Theophilopoulou, A
2020Prospects for a monetary union in the East Africa Community: some empirical evidenceCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, L
19-Mar-2014A shape-based decomposition of the yield adjustment term in the arbitrage-free Nelson and Siegel (AFNS) model of the yield curveSteeley, JM
28-Feb-2020On the macro-drivers of realized volatility: the destabilizing impact of UK policy uncertainty across EuropeKaranasos, M; Yfanti, S
24-Aug-2015The effects of quantitative easing on the integration of UK capital marketsSteeley, JM
Jan-2015The effects of quantitative easing on the volatility of the gilt-edged marketSteeley, JM; Matyushkin, A
8-Jul-2017The effect of quantitative easing on the variance and covariance of the UK and US equity marketsShogbuyi, A; Steeley, JM
17-May-2015Motives for corporate cash holdings: the CEO optimism effectHuang-Meier, W; Lambertides, N; Steeley, JM
Dec-2015Trading Patterns and Market Integration in Overlapping Experimental Asset MarketsChelley-Steeley, P; Kluger, B; Steeley, J; Adams, P
1-Dec-2015The effects of non-trading on the illiquidity ratioChelley-Steeley, PL; Lambertides, N; Steeley, JM
Mar-2015The side effects of quantitative easing: Evidence from the UK bond marketSteeley, JM
1-Nov-2014Portfolio size, non-trading frequency and portfolio return autocorrelationChelley-Steeley, PL; Steeley, JM
1-Sep-2015Earnings and hindsight bias: An experimental studyChelley-Steeley, PL; Kluger, BD; Steeley, JM
5-Jun-2015Explaining turn of the year order flow imbalanceChelley-Steeley, PL; Lambertides, N; Steeley, JM
4-Mar-2020Persistence, non-linearities and structural breaks in European stock market indicesCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, L; Poza, C
19-Jan-2020The United Kingdom and the Stability of the Euro Area: From Maastricht to BrexitCampos, Nauro; Macchiarelli, Corrado
2019Affine and quadratic models with many factors and few parametersRealdon, Marco
2017Gaussian models for Euro high grade government yieldsRealdon, M
2016Tests of non linear Gaussian term structure modelsRealdon, M
2017Linear–quadratic term structure models for negative euro area yieldsRealdon, M; Boonyanet, W
2017Non-linear Gaussian sovereign CDS pricing modelsRealdon, M
2018Discounting earnings with stochastic discount ratesRealdon, M
2-Apr-2015Trade Flows and Trade Specialisation: The Case of ChinaCaporale, GM; Sova, A; Sova, R
9-Sep-2016Interest Rate Liberalization and Capital Adequacy in Models of Financial CrisesKarim, D; ventouri, A; barrell, R
4-Jan-2020The long memory HEAVY process: modeling and forecasting financial volatilityKaranasos, M; Yfanti, S; Christopoulos, A
4-Jan-2020Voluntary disclosure schemes for offshore tax evasionGould, M; Rablen, MD
2019Fractional integration and the persistence of UK inflation, 1210-2016Caporale, GM; Gil-Alana, L
5-Sep-2019Global and regional stock market integration in Asia: a panel convergence approachCaporale, GM; You, K; Chen, L
2019Estimation of conditional asset pricing models with integrated variables in the beta specificationAntypas, A; Caporale, GM; Kourogenis, N; Pittis, N
18-Sep-2019Hypertensive APOL1 risk allele carriers demonstrate greater blood pressure reduction with angiotensin receptor blockade compared to low risk carriersCunningham, PN; Wang, Z; Grove, ML; Cooper-DeHoff, RM; Beitelshees, AL; Gong, Y; Gums, JG; Johnson, JA; Turner, ST; Boerwinkle, E; Chapman, AB
May-2011International Transmission of Shocks: A Time-Varying Factor-Augmented VAR Approach to the Open EconomyLiu, P; Mumtaz, H; Theophilopoulou, A
25-Nov-2019On stock price overreactions: frequency, seasonality and information contentCaporale, GM; Plastun, A
9-Nov-2019High and low prices and the range in the European stock markets: a long-memory approachCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, L; Poza, C
9-Dec-2016Panel stationary tests against changes in persistenceCerqueti, R; Costantini, M; Gutierrez, L; Westerlund, J
30-Aug-2017SIRT1/HERC4 Locus Associated With Bisphosphonate-Induced Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: An Exome-Wide Association AnalysisYang, G; Hamadeh, IS; Katz, J; Riva, A; Lakatos, P; Balla, B; Kosa, J; Vaszilko, M; Pelliccioni, GA; Davis, N; Langaee, TY; Moreb, JS; Gong, Y
2017Corruption, Fiscal Policy, and Growth: A Unified ApproachGhosh, S; Neanidis, K
28-Sep-2016Wealth and risk implications of the Dodd-Frank Act on the U.S. financial intermediariesAndriosopoulos, K; Chan, KK; Dontis-Charitos, P; Staikouras, SK
1-Jun-2017Positional Preferences and Efficient Capital Accumulation when Households Exhibit a Preference for WealthGhosh, S; Wendner, R
22-Apr-2019Pharmacogenomics of osteonecrosis of the jawYang, G; Singh, S; Chen, Y; Hamadeh, IS; Langaee, T; McDonough, CW; Holliday, LS; Lamba, JK; Moreb, JS; Katz, J; Gong, Y
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 705