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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Dec-2023Typhoon Intensity Prediction with Vision TransformerChen, H; Yin, P; Huang, H; Wu, Q; Liu, R; Zhu, X
10-Dec-2023Adaptive-Labeling for Enhancing Remote Sensing Cloud UnderstandingGala, J; Nag, S; Huang, H; Liu, R; Zhu, X
1-Jul-2020A Linear Estimator for Factor-Augmented Fixed-T Panels with Endogenous RegressorsJuodis, A; Sarafidis, V
6-May-2021An Incidental Parameters Free Inference Approach for Panels with Common FactorsJuodis, A; Sarafidis, V
16-Mar-2022Missing Values in Panel Data Unit Root TestsKaravias, Y; Tzavalis, E; Zhang, H
1-Sep-2022Panel unit-root tests with structural breaksChen, P; Karavias, Y; Tzavalis, E
28-Aug-2019Developmental Origins of Health InequalityConti, G; Mason, G; Poupakis, S
4-Jul-2011Securitization and lending standards: Evidence from the wholesale loan marketOngena, S; Kara, A; Marques-Ibanez, D
17-Feb-2021Does FDI in Upstream and Downstream Sectors Facilitate Quality Upgrading? Evidence from Russian ExportersPoupakis, S
29-Jul-2011The value of repeat lendingGadanecz, B; Kara, A; Molyneux, P
24-Jun-2021Achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goals through financial inclusion: A systematic literature review of access to finance across the globeKara, A; Zhou, H; Zhou, Y
1-Feb-2021Do reputable issuers provide better-quality securitizations?Deku, S; Kara, A; Marques-Ibanez, D
23-Nov-2023Tourism persistence in the Southeastern European countries: The impact of covid-19Caporale, GM; Gil-Alana, LA; Imeri, A
1-Jun-2023The Gender Gap in UK Academic Economics 1996-2018: Progress, Stagnation and RetreatBateman, V; Hengel, E
9-Oct-2020A three-dimensional asymmetric power HEAVY modelYfanti, S; Chortareas, G; Karanasos, M; Noikokyris, E
13-Apr-2022Factors associated with women’s healthcare decision-making during and after pregnancy in urban slums in Mumbai, India: a cross-sectional analysisBatura, N; Poupakis, S; Das, S; Bapat, U; Alcock, G; Skordis, J; Haghparast-Bidgoli, H; Pantvaidya, S; Osrin, D
19-Oct-2023Aggregate insider trading and stock market volatility in the UKCaporale, GM; Kyriacou, K; Spagnolo, N
13-Sep-2023Sustainable finance and governance: an overviewAsimakopoulos, S; Wese-Simen, C; Vivian, A
11-Jan-2023Attendance, Weight Loss, and Participation in a Behavioural Diabetes Prevention ProgrammePoupakis, S; Kolotourou, M; MacMillan, HJ; Chadwick, PM
8-Apr-2021Gender issues in fundamental physics: Strumia’s bibliometric analysis fails to account for key confounders and confuses correlation with causationBall, P; Britton, TB; Hengel, E; Moriarty, P; Oliver, RA; Rippon, G; Saini, A; Wade, J
1-May-2021Diversity in Economics Seminars: Who Gives Invited Talks?Doleac, JL; Hengel, E; Pancotti, E
1-Dec-2022A Historical Portrait of Female Economists' Coauthorship NetworksHengel, E; Phythian-Adams, SL
26-Jul-2022The theory of straight ticket votingGorelkina, O; Grypari, I; Hengel, E
2024Financial integration and economic growth in EuropeCaporale, GM; Sova, AD; Sova, R
25-Sep-2020Investor sentiment effects on share price deviations from their intrinsic values based on accounting fundamentalsKaravias, Y; Spilioti, S; Tzavalis, E
28-Apr-2022Operational research and artificial intelligence methods in bankingDoumpos, M; Zopounidis, C; Gounopoulos, D; Platanakis, E; Zhang, W
5-Apr-2023Improved Tests for Granger Non-Causality in Panel DataXiao, J; Karavias, Y; Juodis, A; Sarafidis, V; Ditzen, J
8-Apr-2022Structural Breaks in Interactive Effects Panels and the Stock Market Reaction to COVID-19Karavias, Y; Narayan, PK; Westerlund, J
16-Feb-2023Impact evaluation and economic benefit analysis of a domestic violence and abuse UK police interventionKaravias, Y; Bandyopadhyay, S; Christie, C; Bradbury-Jones, C; Taylor, J; Kane, E; Flowe, HD
25-Jul-2023Consumer bankruptcy: Decision, choice and access to credit afterwardsGumus, A; Kara, A; Ahmad, AH; Glass, K
7-Oct-2023CEO risk-culture, bank stability and the case of the Silicon Valley BankSemeyutin, A; Kaawach, S; Kara, A
21-Sep-2023The role of environmental, social, and governance rating on corporate debt structureAsimakopoulos, P; Asimakopoulos, S; Li, X
6-Feb-2017Securitization and credit qualityKara, A; Marques-Ibanez, D; Ongena, S
28-Sep-2023A Bayesian DSGE Approach to Modelling CryptocurrencyAsimakopoulos, S; Lorusso, M; Ravazzolo, F
6-Sep-2023Does being a responsible bank pay off? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemicKara, A; Ongena, S; Yildiz, Y
7-Jul-2023The role of environmental and financial motivations in the adoption of energy-saving technologies: Evidence from European Union dataCanepa, A; Chersoni, G; Fontana, M
1-Sep-2021Instrumental-variable estimation of large-T panel-data models with common factorsKripfganz, S; Sarafidis, V
7-Sep-2023Modelling profitability of private equity: A fractional integration approachCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, LA; Puertolas, F
3-Aug-2023New results on asymptotic properties of likelihood estimators with persistent data for small and large TJuodis, A; Sarafidis, V
29-Aug-2020Google Search Queries, Foreclosures, and House PricesDamianov, DS; Wang, X; Yan, C
7-Jun-2021Guest editorial: Exploring the evolution of qualitative research in financial markets and corporate governance: Identifying potential paths for future researchAtkins, J; Khalid, S; Barone, EAV
22-Nov-2022IV Estimation of Spatial Dynamic Panels with Interactive Effects: Large Sample Theory and an Application on Bank Attitude Toward RiskCui, G; Sarafidis, V; Yamagata, T
11-Jul-2023Modelling monetary policy’s impact on labour markets under Covid-19Evgenidis, A; Fasianos, A
21-Jul-2023Persistence in UK historical data on life expectancyCaporale, GM; Infante, J; del Rio, M; Gil-Alana, LA
5-Jul-2023Nominal and real wages in the UK, 1750–2015: mean reversion, persistence and structural breaksCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, LA
5-Jun-2013Testing for financial crashes using the Log Periodic Power Law modelBrée, DS; Joseph, NL
2-Apr-2023The impact of containment measures and monetary and fiscal responses on US financial markets during the COVID-19 pandemicCaporale, GM; Abakah, EJA; Gil-Alana, LA
24-Apr-2023Sustainable developments, renewable energy, and economic growth in CanadaChen, Y; Mamon, R; Spagnolo, F; Spagnolo, N
14-Feb-2023Positional preferences and efficiency in a dynamic economyAronsson, T; Ghosh, S; Wendner, R
18-May-2023Small and medium sized European firms and energy efficiency measures: the role of financingCaporale, GM; Donati, C; Spagnolo, N
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 913