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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Supplier Bottleneck and Information DisseminationLi, M; Li, Y; Zhang, Y
2022Coalition Formation and Cost Sharing for Truck PlatooningBouchery, Y; Hezarkhani, B; Stauffer, G
2022Team ground rules: Their nature and functionsCunha, MPE; Rego, A; Simpson, AV
11-Jul-2022Enforced remote working: The impact of digital platform-induced stress and remote working experience on technology exhaustion and subjective wellbeingSingh, P; Bala, H; Dey, B; Filieri, R
2022Justice in Supply Chain Relationships: A comprehensive review and future research directionsGallear, D; Alghababsheh, M; Saikouk, T
2022A Notsie narrative perspective on turnover in the UK financial services industrySarpong, D; Maclean, M; Wuraola, H
25-Jun-2021Customer concentration and M&A performanceDong, Y; Li, C; Li, H
21-Jul-2022The Contribution of Girls’ Longer Hours in Unpaid Work to Gender Gaps in Early Adult Employment: Evidence from Ethiopia, India, Peru and VietnamCarmichael, F; Darko, C; Egyei, R; Kanji, S; Vasilakos, N
8-Jul-2022Research and development investments, development costs capitalization, and credit ratings: Exploratory evidence from UK R&D-active private firmsBrasch, A; Eierle, B; Jarvis, R
30-May-2022A systematic literature review on risk disclosure research: State-of-the-art and future research agendaIbrahim, AEA; Hussainey, K; Nawaz, T; Ntim, C; Elamer, A
2022Approaches to emotion and sentiment analysisCanhoto, A
2022The Web watches and remembers everything: The ethical implications of employee and customer digital footprints in SMEs performanceTabaghdehi, A; Ayaz-Arda, O; Rosli, A; Tambay, P
22-Jun-2022Antecedents and Moderators of Promotion Messages for Trust in Mobile Banking Services: An Elaboration Likelihood Model PerspectiveJammoul, K; Lee, H; Kim, J; Yoon, M; Sivarajah, S
10-Jun-2022Understanding older people's practices when designing healthy ageing interventionsYen, DA; Cohen, G; Wei, L; Asaad, Y
18-May-2022Mineral exhaustion, livelihoods and persistence of vulnerabilities in ASM settingsOfosu, G; Sarpong, D
21-Apr-2022Understanding product returns: A systematic literature review using machine learning and bibliometric analysisDuong, QH; Zhou, L; Meng, M; Nguyen, TV; Ieromonachou, P; Nguyen, DT
6-Jul-2022Working in Universities through Covid-19: an interpretation using the lens of institutional logicsDenney, F
26-Jul-2021Hybrid Managers in Higher Education: Power, Identity and ChallengesDenney, F; Budjanovcanin, A
9-Feb-2022Why Are Private Equity Transactions Insured? A Neo-Institutional Theory PerspectiveAdams, M; Kastrinaki, Z
21-Feb-2022Staying poor: Unpacking the process of barefoot institutional entrepreneurship failureGranados, M; Rosli, A; Manto, G
2022The 'Journey of a Hero' and Sustainable DevelopmentStelly, B; McCarroll, J; Nandy, M; Lodh, S
1-Nov-2018A University Learning and Teaching Unit: Work in PracticeDenney, F
30-Mar-2022Building Bridges and Connections – The Language used to Connect and Define Communities in the Third SpaceDenney, F
26-Jul-2021Proactive Environmental Strategy, Foreign Institutional Pressures, and Internationalization of Chinese SMEsKo, WW; Chen, Y; Chen, C-HS; Wu, M-SS; Liu, G
2021The role of universities in the development of the local knowledge base: supporting innovation ecosystems through skills development and entrepreneurshipRosli, A; Cacciolatti, L
2022An Empirical Evaluation of Approaches for Link PredictionLu, K
29-Jan-2022Government R&D Support and Firms’ Access to External Financing: Funding Effects, Certification Effects, or Both?Guo, D; Guo, Y; Jiang, K
4-Apr-2022Multiple audit mechanism, audit quality and cost of debt: Empirical evidence from a developing countryEl-Dyasty, MM; Elamer, AA
18-Nov-2021Do government responses impact the relationship between age, gender and psychological distress during the COVID-19 pandemic? A comparison across 27 European countriesKoch, M; Park, S
28-Dec-2021Circular economy and digital capabilities of SMEs for providing value to customers: Combined Resource-Based View and ambidexterity perspectiveChaudhuri, A; Subramanian, N; Dora, M
1-Dec-2021On the consequences of scarcity mindset: How ‘having too little’ means so much for ethnic venture failureSarpong, D; Maclean, M; Oruh, ES; Botchie, D
9-Dec-2021Regulatory review of new product innovation: Conceptual clarity and future research directionsBoakye, D; Sarpong, D; Mordi, C
16-Nov-2021An Empirical Investigation of Director Selection in Movie Preproduction: A Two-Sided Matching ApproachWei, L; Yang, Y
9-Nov-2021The impact of the hidden curriculum on international students in the context of a country with a toxic triangle of diversityBaykut, S; Erbil, C; Ozbilgin, M; Kamasak, R; Bağlama, SH
8-Oct-2021Changing the rules of the game in academic publishing: Three scenarios in the field of management researchBrabet, J; Özbilgin, MF; Yamak, S
26-Nov-2021Sustainability in the Beer and Pub Industry During the COVID-19 Period: An Emerging New NormalSingh, P; Brown, DM; Chelekis, J; Apostolidis, C; Dey, BL
30-Nov-2021Risks to Big Data Analytics and Blockchain Technology Adoption in Supply ChainsNarwane, VS; Raut, RD; Mangla, SK; Dora, M; Narkhede, BE
8-Sep-2021Recalibrating, reconfiguring, and appropriating innovation: A semantic network analysis of China’s Mass Innovation and Mass Entrepreneurship (MIME) initiativesFu, P; Sarpong, D; Meissner, D
5-Nov-2021Lean and Industry 4.0: Mapping determinants and barriers from a social, environmental, and operational perspectiveYilmaz, A; Dora, M; Hezarkhani, B; Kumar, M
13-Sep-2020Artificial intelligence and the future of managementClegg, S; Berti, M; Simpson, A; Cunha, M
20-Nov-2021Gender-based exclusionary practices in performance appraisalFenech, AE; Kanji, S; Vargha, Z
9-Dec-2021Commonalities and specificities of dynamic capabilities: a mixed methods study of UK high-tech SMEsSenaratne, C; Wang, CL; Sarma, M
23-Dec-2021Managerial corporate brand orientation: explication, significance, and antecedentsBalmer, JMT
4-Sep-2021Understanding the stimuli, scope, and impact of organisational transformation: The context of eBusiness technologies in supply chainsBak, O
2022Qualitative insights for digital marketingFerreira, M; Scaraboto, D
30-Aug-2021The impact of online celebrity in livestreaming E-commerce on purchase intention from the perspective of emotional contagionMeng, LM; Duan, S; Zhao, Y; Lu, K; Chen, S
24-Jul-2021Firm size and cost system sophistication: The role of firm ageHadid, W; Hamdan, M
13-Sep-2021The Convergence of Big Data and Accounting: Innovative Research OpportunitiesIbrahim, AEA; Elamer, A; Ezat, AN
2-Aug-2021Debate: Accounting for gender diversity in global value chainsÖzbilgin, M
2-Aug-2021Augmenting learning processes of absorptive capacity for innovation: Insights for effective leadership within global pharmaceutical companiesRezaei Zadeh, M; Hackney, R; Zeng, J
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 161