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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2023Editorial: Gender budgeting—Insights from contemporary experiencesGalizzi, G; Meliou, E; Steccolini, I
2023Exploring Blockchain implementation challenges in the context of healthcare supply chain (HCSC)Bak, O; Braganza, A; Chen, W
2023The impact of early marriage on the life satisfaction, education and subjective health of young women in India: A longitudinal analysisKanji, S; Carmichael, F; Darko, C; Egyei, R; Vasilakos, N
2023Relational responsibilisation and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the 21st Century: The case for reframing equality regulationVincent, S; Lopes, A; Meliou, E; Özbilgin, M
1-Nov-2023Exploring IoT adoption and operational efficiency within the international chilled beverages industryKioufi, N; Chen, W
2023Implications of algorithmic management on careers and employment relationships in the gig economy – a developing country perspectiveAdekoya, O; Mordi, C; Ajonbadi, H; Chen, W
2023Acculturating again: Taiwanese migrants’ enduring Covid-19 coping paradox in the UKYen, D; Cappellini, B; Hendy, J; Jen, M-Y
2-Aug-2023Equality, diversity, and inclusion in international business: A review and research agendaFitzsimmons, S; Özbilgin, MF; Thomas, DC; Nkomo, S
1-Jun-2023FROM THE EDITORS—Migration Management: Introduction and OverviewGroutsis, D; Vassilopoulou, J; Ozbilgin, M; Fujimoto, Y; Mor Barak, M
7-Aug-2023Does switching from tobacco to reduced-risk products free up hospital resources?Moscone, F
9-Jul-2023The impact of parental emotional support on the succession intentions of next-generation family business membersLyons, R; Ahmed, FU; Clinton, E; O’Gorman, C; Gillanders, R
22-Mar-2023Understanding international CSR in SMEsStoian, M-C; Plakoyiannaki, E
2022A bibliometric review of innovation networks: 30 years of studyRezaei, H; Akbari, M; Karimi, A; Foroudi, P
2023Embracing the Paradox of Customer Experiences in the Hospitality and Tourism IndustryZhou, D; Marvi, R; Foroudi, P
13-Jan-2023Duality of language as a tool for integration versus mobility at work: utility of a polyphonic perspectiveErbil, C; Özbilgin, MF; Bağlama, SH
9-Feb-2023Organising Compassionate Care with Compassionate LeadershipSimpson, AV; Simpson, T; Hendy, J
14-Feb-2023LGBT+ in the boardroom: a rainbow agenda for changeÖzbilgin, M; Erbil, C
2-Apr-2023Tradeoff between corporate investment and CSR: The moderating effect of financial slack, workforce slack, and board gender diversityUyar, A; Lodh, S; Nandy, M; Kuzey, C; Karaman, AS
24-Sep-2021How does responsible leadership emerge? An emergentist perspectiveMeliou, E; Ozbilgin, M; Edwards, T
10-Apr-2023Advertising Inauthentic Experiences Based on Attitude FunctionsMerdin-Uygur, E; Sarial-Abi, G; Gürhan-Canlı, Z
2023The Effect of Human Interference in Robotic Service Failures on Customer Comfort and Customer AggressionMerdin-Uygur, E; Ozturkcan, S
2023The Effect of Human Interference in Robotic Service Failures on Customer Comfort and Customer AggressionMerdin-Uygur, E; Ozturkcan, S
2023Corporate Brand ArchitectureBalmer, JMT
2024Corporate Brand CommunicationBalmer, JMT
May-2023Digital corporate communication and brand communicationBalmer, JMT
23-May-2023Late Payment of Invoices: Is it an Ethical PracticeTang, A; Nandy, M
2023Service Innovation: The evolution of Past, Present, and FutureMahavarpour, N; Marvi, R; Foroudi, P
5-Jan-2022How can emerging-market SMEs domestically benefit from their performance in developed countries? Empirical evidence from ChinaLi, W; Liu, Z; Xia, S; Yan, J; Xiong, Y; Sakka, G; Li, RY
7-Mar-2023Heraldry, mottos and corporate heritage discovery and the University of Strathclyde: a case of 'Useful Learning'Balmer, JMT
7-Mar-2023Design, Corporate Brand Design and Corporate Heritage Brand Design: What are they? What of them?Balmer, JMT
2023An Integrative Approach to the Internationalisation of Knowledge-Intensive Services: A Case of Higher EducationLi, X; Roberts, J; Wang, C
1-Nov-2022Sustainable Information Technology Governance for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) – A Systematic Literature ReviewAlDhaen, E; Ahmed, E; Mahmood, M; Chen, W
16-Oct-2017Exploring EntrepreneurshipBlundel, R; Lockett, N; Wang, C
15-Jun-2022Exploring the role of managerial and organizational capabilities for the inbound internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprisesBianchi, C; Stoian, M-C
28-Oct-2022Gender diversity in the board room and sustainable growth rate: the moderating role of family ownershipAmin, A; Ali, R; ur Rehman, R; Elamer, AA
2-Nov-2022Dynamic pricing in the presence of strategic consumers with ‘experience-in-store-and-buy-online’Erbao, C; Luo, H; Ma, Y; Lü, K
4-Dec-2021Knowledge mapping of digital twin and physical internet in Supply Chain Management: A systematic literature reviewNguyen, T; Duong, QH; Nguyen, TV; Zhu, Y; Zhou, L
1-Jun-2022Origins and Development of Online Communities and their Role in Marketing ResearchScaraboto, D; Ferreira, MC
19-Oct-2022Market-centric pathways for racial inclusion: the case of #MyBlackReceiptSibai, O; Brunk, K; Brouard, M; Ferreira, C; Campana, M; Dalmoro, M; Figueiredo, B; Scaraboto, D; Smith, A; Belkhir, M
17-Oct-2021Leveraging machine learning in the global fight against money laundering and terrorism financing: an affordances perspectiveCanhoto, A
14-Feb-2023Supplier bottleneck and information disseminationLi, M; Li, Y; Zhang, Y
23-Sep-2022Coalition formation and cost sharing for truck platooningBouchery, Y; Hezarkhani, B; Stauffer, G
11-Jul-2022Enforced remote working: The impact of digital platform-induced stress and remote working experience on technology exhaustion and subjective wellbeingSingh, P; Bala, H; Dey, B; Filieri, R
8-Sep-2022Justice in supply chain relationships: A comprehensive review and future research directionsAlghababsheh, M; Gallear, D; Saikouk, T
25-Jun-2021Customer concentration and M&A performanceDong, Y; Li, C; Li, H
21-Jul-2022The Contribution of Girls’ Longer Hours in Unpaid Work to Gender Gaps in Early Adult Employment: Evidence from Ethiopia, India, Peru and VietnamCarmichael, F; Darko, C; Egyei, R; Kanji, S; Vasilakos, N
8-Jul-2022Research and development investments, development costs capitalization, and credit ratings: Exploratory evidence from UK R&D-active private firmsBrasch, A; Eierle, B; Jarvis, R
30-May-2022A systematic literature review on risk disclosure research: State-of-the-art and future research agendaIbrahim, AEA; Hussainey, K; Nawaz, T; Ntim, C; Elamer, A
13-Jun-2022Approaches to emotion and sentiment analysisCanhoto, A
22-Jun-2022Antecedents and Moderators of Promotion Messages for Trust in Mobile Banking Services: An Elaboration Likelihood Model PerspectiveJammoul, K; Lee, H; Kim, J; Yoon, M; Sivarajah, S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 170