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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2021The impact of online celebrity in livestreaming E-commerce on purchase intention from the perspective of emotional contagionMeng, LM; Duan, S; Zhao, Y; Lu, K; Chen, S
24-Jul-2021Firm size and cost system sophistication: The role of firm ageHadid, W; Hamdan, M
13-Sep-2021The Convergence of Big Data and Accounting: Innovative Research OpportunitiesIbrahim, AEA; Elamer, A; Ezat, AN
2-Aug-2021Debate: Accounting for gender diversity in global value chainsÖzbilgin, M
2-Aug-2021Augmenting learning processes of absorptive capacity for innovation: Insights for effective leadership within global pharmaceutical companiesRezaei Zadeh, M; Hackney, R; Zeng, J
31-Jul-2021Digital strategy aligning in SMEs: A dynamic capabilities perspectiveCanhoto, AI; Quinton, S; Pera, R; Molinillo, S; Simkin, L
12-Jun-2021The megamarketing of microfinance: Developing and maintaining an industry aura of virtueBajde, D; Chelekis, J; van Dalen, A
2021Theoretical and Experimental Analyses of Network Games with Social PreferencesZhang, Y; He, L
2021A preliminary investigation into senior management skills: The context of Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL)Midgley, J; Bak, O
2021Critical Success Factors Influencing Artificial Intelligence Adoption in the Food Supply ChainsDora, M; Kumar, A; Mangla, S; Pant, A; Kamal, M
27-Jun-2021The effect of home country characteristics on the internationalization of EMNEs: The moderating role of knowledge stockForoudi, P; Gupta, S; Patel, P; Batsakis, G; Vaatanen, J; Czinkota, M
16-Jun-2021Improving the Retention and Progression of Learners Through Intelligent Systems for Diagnosing Metacognitive Competencies – A Case Study in UK Further EducationSamani, T; Canhoto, AI; Yoruk, E
2021Weathering the Storm: Talent Management in Internationally Oriented Greek Small and Medium-Sized EnterprisesOruh, ES; Kravariti, F; Dibia, C; Tasoulis, K; Scullion, H; Mamman, A
4-Jun-2021Toward sustainable primary production through the application of lean management in South African fruit horticulturePearce, D; Dora, M; Wesana, J; Gellynck, X
2021The evolving perspectives on Chinese labour regime in AfricaOfosu, G; Sarpong, D
28-May-2021Advancing spillover research: behavioural, contextual and temporal approachesManika, D; Gregory-Smith, D
2021Researching compassionate leadership to care for NHS carersSimpson, AV
2021Theorizing Routines with Computational Sequence Analysis: A Critical Realism FrameworkZhang, Z; Lee, H; Choi, Y; Yoo, Y
9-Jun-2021Dynamic exchange capabilities for value co-creation in ecosystemsSiaw, A; Sarpong, D
9-Jun-2021Disentangling the effects of domestic corporate political activity and political connections on firms’ internationalisation: Evidence from US retail MNEsVikrant, S; Batsakis, G; Palitha, K; Mohr, A
2021Corporate brand orientation: identity, internal images, and corporate identification mattersBalmer, JMT; Podnar, K
3-Jun-2021A taxonomy of barriers to the adoption of sustainable practices in the coffee farming processAkenroye, TO; Dora, M; Kumar, M; Elbaz, J; Kah, S; Jebli, F
28-May-2021Environments for joint university-industry laboratories (JUIL): Micro-level dimensions and research implicationsAbiodun, A; Sarpong, D; Kolade, S
2021Hospital Quality Interdependence in a Competitive Institutional Environment: Evidence from ItalyLisi, D; Moscone, F; Tosetti, E; Vinciotti, V
21-Apr-2021The presence of care homes and excess deaths during the COVID‐19 pandemic: Evidence from ItalyAlacevich, C; Cavalli, N; Giuntella, O; Lagravinese, R; Moscone, F; Nicodemo, C
30-Apr-2021Technological interventions in social business: Mapping current research and establishing future research agendaSoni, G; Mangala, SK; Singh, P; Dey, B; Dora, M
8-Mar-2021The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Accommodation Sharing Sector: Effects and Prospects for RecoveryGerwe, O
1-May-2021How Dispersive Opinions Affect Consumer Decisions: Endowment Effect Guides Attributional InferencesXie, G; Lu, K; Gupta, S; Jiang, Y; Shi, L
2021Higher Education Challenges: Accounting and Finance Academia in a Research-led Teaching UniversitiesEl Tawy, N; Abdel-Kader, M
2-Apr-2021One year on: Lessons from COVID-19Pearcey, J; McIntosh, B
2-Apr-2021The professionalisation of domiciliary care workers in England following COVID-19Itua, I; Sheppy, B; McIntosh, B
2021Consumer Engagement with Social Media Platforms: A Study of the Influence of Attitudinal Components on Cutting Edge Technology Adaptation BehaviourSardar Muhammad, S; Lal Dey, B; Mustafa Kamal, M; Faridah Syed Alwi, S
2021Coping with Coping: international migrants’ experiences of the Covid-19 lockdown in the UKYen, D; Cappellini, B; Yang, S; Gupta, S
2021Stakeholders of the World, Unite!: Hospitality in the time of COVID-19Canhoto, A; Wei, L
2021Curbing Opportunism in Marketing Channels: The Roles of Influence Strategy and Perceived FairnessWei, L; Jiang, L; Jia, F; Hu, Z; Yang, Z
2021Wage effects of educational mismatch and job search in Ghana and KenyaCarmichael, F; Darko, C; Kanji, S
5-Feb-2021Stock co-movement and governance bundles: Does the quality of national governance moderate this relationship?Egwuonwu, A; Lodh, S; Nandy, M
2021Corporate accountability towards species extinction protection: insights from ecologically forward-thinking companiesRoberts, L; Nandy, M; Hasan, A; Lodh, S; Elhamer, A
2021Freedom and Flexibility: The Work-Family Balance of Single Female Entrepreneurs in NigeriaAdisa; Mordi, C; Akainji
2021Exploring Cultural Values in Conflict Management: A Qualitative Study of University Heads of DepartmentAkanji; Mordi, C; Ajonbadi; Adekoya
2021The effect of ownership structure and board characteristics on auditor choice: Evidence from EgyptEl-Dyasty, M; Elamer, A
2021Maternal Undernutrition in Adolescence and Child Human Capital Formation Over the Life Course: evidence from an International Cohort StudyGeorgiadis, A; Benny, L; Dornan, P; Behrman, J
2021Living and Working on the Edge: ‘Place Precarity’ and the Experiences of Male Manual Workers in a UK Sea-side TownSimpson, R; Morgan, R; Lewis, P; Rumens, N
2021Exploring Compassionate Managerial Leadership Style in Reducing Employee Stress During Covid-19 Crisis: The Case of Nigeria.Oruh, ES; Mordi, C; Dibia, CH; Ajonbadi, H
2021A bibliometric analysis of cash holdings literature: Current status, development, and agenda for future researchKhatib, SFA; Abdullah, DF; Hendrawaty, E; Elamer, A
9-Dec-2020Rethinking guanxi and performance: Understanding the dark side of Sino–U.S. business relationshipsAbosag, I; Yen, DA-W; Barnes, BR; Gadalla, E
2021Japan's Far More Female Future, by Bill EmmottWu, N
2021Covering Vehicle Routing Problem: Application for Mobile Child Friendly Spaces for RefugeesBuluc, E; Peker, M; Kara, BY; Dora, M
2021The Effect of Vice-Chancellor Characteristics and Internal Governance Mechanisms on Voluntary Disclosures in UK Higher Education InstitutionsElmagrhi, MH; Ntim, CG; Wang, Y; Elamer, A; Crossley, R
24-Feb-2020Understanding cross border innovation activities: The linkages between innovation modes, product architecture and firm boundariesBurton, N; Bach, N; Calvin, P; Meissner, D; Sarpong, D
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 173