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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Mar-2019Would two-stage scoring models alleviate bank exposure to bad debt?Abdou, HA; Mitra, S; Fry, J; Elamer, AA
20-Mar-2019The multi-objective Steiner pollution-routing problem on congested urban road networksRaeesi, R; Zografos, KG
2018A study of environmental policies and regulations, governance structures, and environmental performance: the role of female directorsElmagrhi, MH; Ntim, CG; Elamer, AA; Zhang, Q
18-Oct-2017The Authentic-Machiavellian Leadership Grid: A Typology of Leadership StylesRego, P; Lopes, MP; Simpson, AV
17-Apr-2018Speak! Paradoxical Effects of a Managerial Culture of ‘Speaking Up’Cunha, MPE; Simpson, AV; Clegg, SR; Rego, A
14-Oct-2018Leaders as organizational authors: What kind of story are you writing?Cunha, PC; Lopes, MP; Simpson, AV
21-Feb-2018Does leader–member exchange buffer or intensify detrimental reactions to psychological contract breach? The role of employees’ career orientationDoden, W; Grote, G; Rigotti, T
2019Selfless and strategic, interpersonal and institutional: a continuum of paradoxical organizational compassion dimensionsAraújo, ML; Simpson, AV; Marujo, H; Lopes, MP
2019Integrated reporting in UK higher education institutionsAdhikariparajul, M; Hassan, A; Fletcher, M; Elamer, A
5-Jul-2018The impact of risk committee on financial performance of UK financial institutionsElamer, A; Benyazid, I
2019The impact of multi-layer governance on bank risk disclosure in emerging markets: The case of Middle East and North AfricaElamer, A; Ntim, CG; Abdou, HA; Zalata, A; Elmagrhi, M
6-Oct-2018The corporate governance–risk-taking nexus: evidence from insurance companiesElamer, A; AlHares, A; Ntim, CG; Benyazid, I
2019A compromise between the temperature difference and performance in a standing wave thermoacoustic refrigeratorAlamir, MA; Elamer, AA
2019"Fitting in" vs "standing out": How Social Enterprises Engage with Stakeholders to Legitimise their Hybrid PositionRosli, A; Granados, ML
2019Dynamic Capabilities: What are they and what are they for?Wang, CL; Pitelis, C
2019Forecasting SMEs’ credit risk in supply chain finance with an enhanced hybrid ensemble machine learning approachZhu, Y; Zhou, L; Xie, C; Wang, G-J; Nguyen, TV
2019Crafting the forever now: corporate heritage brand innovation at John Lewis PartnershipSammour, A; Chen, W; Balmer, JMT; Botchie, D; Faraday, J
7-Mar-2019National systems of innovation, innovation niches, and diversity in university systemsDatta, S; Saad, M; Sarpong, D
3-Apr-2017Examining the impact of gamification on intention of engagement and brand attitude in the marketing contextYang, Y; Asaad, Y; Dwivedi, Y
2019Impact of multilateral place dimensions on corporate brand attractiveness and identification in higher education: business school insights.Balmer, JMT; Mahmoud, R; Chen, W
24-Dec-2018Exploring the role of a government authority in managing transformation in service re-engineering – Experiences from Dubai policeElnaghi, M; Alshawi, SN; Kamal, MM; Weerakkody, V; Irani, Z
2016Analysing the critical factors influencing trust in e-government adoption from citizens’ perspective: A systematic review and a conceptual frameworkAlzahrani, L; Al-Karaghouli, W; Weerakkody, V
2016The influence of individual readiness for change dimensions on quality management implementation in Algerian manufacturing organisationsHaffar, M; Al-Karaghouli, W; Irani, Z; Djebarni, R; Gbadamosi, G
2019Integration v. Polarization Amongst Social Media Users: Perspectives through Social Capital TheoryMaged, A; Sorour, K; Azab, N; Dora, M
2018Importance of Sustainable Operations in Food Loss - Evidence from the Belgian food processing industryDora, M; Wesana, J; Gellynck, X; Seth, N; Dey, B; De Steur, H
2018Effective Organizational Improvision in Information Systems Development: insights from Tencent messaging system developmentDu, W; Hackney, RA; Shan, SL; Junjie, W
2018Uncertainty, strategic sensemaking and organisational failure in the art market: What went wrong with LVMH's investment in Phillips auctioneers?Samdanis, M; Lee, SH
2018Isolation in Globalizing Academic Fields: A Collaborative Autoethnography of Early Career ResearchersBelkhir, M; Brouard, M; Brunk, K; Dalmoro, M; Ferreira, MC; Figueiredo, B; Huff, A; Scaraboto, D; Sibai, O; Smith, A
2018Linear growth through 12 years is weakly but consistently associated with language and math achievement scores at age 12 years in four low- or middle-income countriesGeorgiadis, A; Kowalski, A; Behrman, J; Crookston, B; Fernald, L; Stein, A
2018Finding a place for Froebel’s theories: early years practitioners’ understanding and enactment of learning through playSmedley, S; Hoskins, K
2018International perspectives on securing human and social rights and diversity gains at work in the aftermath of the global economic crisis and in times of austerityVassilopoulou, J; Kyriakidou, O; Georgiadou, A; Jose Pascal, DR; Mor Barak, M
2014A bourdieuan relational perspective for entrepreneurship researchTatli, A; Vassilopoulou, J; Özbilgin, M; Forson, C; Slutskaya, N
2017An integrated lean and green approach for improving sustainability performance: a case study of a packaging manufacturing SME in the UKNayak, R; Choudhary, S; Dora, M; Mishra, N; Ghadge, A
2018How does culture impinge upon managers’ demeanor of earnings management? Evidence from cross-country analysisNandy, M; Chaney, P; Lodh, S
2018Executive Compensation in Corporate Lobbying FirmsNandy, M; wang, J; Lodh, S
2018Fair Value in the Professional Valuation: Concept and ModelsNandy, M; Lodh, S; Artemenkov, A
2018Big Data, Big Decisions: The Impact of Big Data on Board Level Decision-MakingMerendino, A; Dibb, S; Meadows, M; Quinn, L; Wilson, D; Simkin, L; Canhoto, AI
2018Balancing the scales of justice: Do perceptions of buyers' justice drive suppliers' social performance?Alghababsheh, M; Gallear, D; Rahman, M
2018SME Internationalization beyond Exporting: A Knowledge-based Perspective across Managers and AdvisersStoian, MC; Dimitratos, P; Plakoyiannaki, E
2018Organizational Form, Business Strategies and the Demise of Demutualized Building Societies in the UKShiwakoti, R; Iqbal, A; Funnell, W
2018Narrating the future: A distentive capability approach to strategic foresightSarpong, D; Eyres, E; Bastikas, G
2018Technology upgrading through co-creation of value in developing societies: Analysis of the mobile telephone industry in BangladeshDey, BL; Babu, MM; Rahman, M; Dora, M; Mishra, N
2018Legitimisation Strategies and Managerial Capture: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Employment Relations in NigeriaOruh; Nwagbara; Mordi, C; Mushfiqur
2018The legacy of a fractured Eurozone: The Greek Dra(ch)maHatgioannides, J; Karanassou, M; Sala, H; Karanasos, MG; Koutroumpis, PD
2018Understanding internal conditions driving ordinary and dynamic capabilities in Indian high-tech firmsQaiyum, S; Wang, CL
2018Mobile phone adoption in agri-food sector: Are farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa connected?Dora, M; Kumar, V; Elepu, G; Gellynck, X
2018Do MNEs from developed and emerging economies differ in their location choice of FDI? A 36-year reviewQuan, R; Stoian, C; Azar, G
2018Innovation policies of Cyprus during the global economic crisis: Aligning financial institutions with National Innovation SystemSamdanis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 66