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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Antecedents and consequences of market orientation in universities: Literature review and conceptual frameworkAsaad, Y; Cohen, G; Melewar, T C
13-Feb-2016Brand identification in higher education: A conditional process analysisPalmer, A; Koenig-Lewis, N; Asaad, Y
12-Apr-2022Consumers’ willingness to share digital footprints on social media: the role of affective trustSyed, M; Dey, B; Alwi, S; Kamal, M; Asaad, Y
17-Sep-2020Eco-innovation for environment and waste preventionSumrin, S; Gupta, S; Asaad, Y; Wang, Y; Bhattacharya, S; Foroudi, P
23-Jan-2015The Effects of Passage of Time on Alumni Recall of 'Student Experience'Koenig-Lewis, N; Asaad, Y; Palmer, A; Petersone, E
3-Apr-2017Examining the impact of gamification on intention of engagement and brand attitude in the marketing contextYang, Y; Asaad, Y; Dwivedi, Y
22-Apr-2015Export market orientation behavior of universities: the British scenarioAsaad, Y; Melewar, TC; Cohen, G
1-Jun-2014Export market orientation in universities: Bridging the gap between export marketing and higher educationAsaad, Y; Melewar, TC; Cohen, G
10-Mar-2016IMO and internal branding outcomes: an employee perspective in UK HEAsaad, Y; Yu, Q; Yen, D; Gupta, S
8-Feb-2021Linking engagement at cultural festivals to legacy impactsKoenig-Lewis, N; Palmer, A; Asaad, Y
8-Aug-2017Sports events and interaction among spectators: examining antecedents of spectators’ value creationKoenig-Lewis, N; Asaad, Y; Palmer, A
10-Dec-2020Towards a Framework of Consumption Practices in Healthy AgeingCohen, G; Yen, D; Wei, L; Asaad, Y
5-Jan-2022Towards a Framework of Healthy Aging PracticesYen, D; Cohen, G; Wei, L; Asaad, Y
10-Jun-2022Understanding older people's practices when designing healthy ageing interventionsYen, DA; Cohen, G; Wei, L; Asaad, Y
21-Oct-2013Universities and export market orientation: An exploratory study of UK post-92 universitiesAsaad, Y; Melewar, TC; Cohen, G; Balmer, JMT
22-Jun-2019What makes hosts trust Airbnb? Antecedents of hosts’ trust towards Airbnb and its impact on continuance intentionAsaad, Y; Wang, Y; Filieri, R